Creativity Cohort is a 6-week FREE workshop series to discover and create! We will be a small group of individuals wanting to launch a passion project. 


We will support and inspire each other as we conceptualize, shape, and create our projects.  This will create an opportunity to connect, learn, grow, keep each other accountable, and achieve together!


Let’s meet weekly (virtually, of course) to work through our limiting beliefs, talk about our dreams, and make plans to realize them!

Workshop Series Dates:


February 10 – March 20


We’ll have our meetings on Thursdays

@ 5 pm PST / 8 pm EST.



If you can’t make all the meetings, that’s OK – but the more you can attend, the more we can achieve together!

Here’s a few facts about you, to be right for this group:


🎨 You’re in a job you don’t love –

but you know you were made to create!


🎨 You want to create a new life for yourself –

but you’re afraid you don’t have what it takes!


🎨 You’ve seen some tough trials in your life –

but you’re determined to NOT let them stop you.


🎨 You want to launch a passion project –

but are lost on where and how to start!

Does this sound like you?


Only 10 spots available!

Katie is a creative through-and-through.  She is a classically-trained opera singer, a pianist, a tap dancer, a wanna-be graphic designer, and a lover of all things live theater!


Katie’s wild personal story involves coping with a mental illness in the family, escaping an oppressive religion, and leaving behind her dream career for a more rewarding, purpose-filled lifestyle.  From all of this, Katie has learned one thing: you have the power to create a life that lights you up!

Let’s work together accountability, connection, and inspiration!


Only 10 spots available!


Is it really free??

Yes!  I not actively selling anything at all (seriously).  I am interested more in a genuinely collaborative process with a group of highly imaginative, driven people.  I want to help facilitate growth, learning, and creation for you, as well as myself.  While I will be leading the group, I see us all as equals, creating together,

What will I learn?

My hope is that we will answer 3 key questions over the course of our 6 weeks together:


🎨 Who am I, and who do I want to be?


🎨 What do I want to create, and how do I make it happen?


🎨 Who do I want to help, and how will I help them?


These questions may seem simple (and in concept they are), but they are complex to answer.  My hope is that we will help each other answer those questions about each other.

What will I NOT learn?

There are a few key things I will NOT cover in our workshops.  Generally, these topics involve in-depth sales & marketing training.


Instead, these workshops cover the mindset portion and the creative portion of becoming an entrepreneur.  Until we’ve gotten clear on those, the sales & marketing can wait. 😊