In our society, most men are afraid to share their feelings.  That’s simply a problem – for both men and women. Rather than allowing so-called “feminine emotions” to take over, we only allow ourselves to have masculine emotions – mainly anger. This affects our relationships in an incredibly negative manner, because it is not an effective way […]


We have all – knowingly, or unknowingly – have come across a ‘toxic person’ before. Relationships with them come in many different forms: romantic relationships, friendships, relationships with family members, bosses, and so on. Toxic relationships can take a serious toll on your health – physically, mentally, and emotionally – and have the ability to […]


No one likes the feeling of not being confident. If you wouldn’t exactly describe yourself as someone who exudes confidence and grace, then you know what I’m talking about. But having confidence is actually really important in your life (more important than you think)! That’s why this post is all about how to build confidence […]


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